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A Grocer's Grocer

At Concord Market, we love good food.  We are committed to sourcing only the best quality products, from our sustainable seafood to our fresh baked goods made in-house. We want our customers to know that when they shop with us, they will be buying items that have been carefully selected by our highly trained team. Meet some of these hand-picked vendors below.


Island Bakery.JPG
Concord's Home for Curated Craft British Foods!

From the Isle of Mull, Scottland

Organic indulgence from the Hebrides! Renowned for wild and unspoilt landscapes, the Isle of Mull is also home to these particularly characterful organic biscuits! From savory to sweet, these biscuits are definitely a delicious treat. Try them all while they're here!


Keep your eyes peeled on our rotating selection of imported goods from the United Kingdom and beyond!

Rancho Meladuco Date Farm

Best. Dates. Ever. Hand-picked and sun-ripened in the Coachella Valley, CA.

Rancho Meladuco date farm began with only 4 trees planted on their ranch decades ago. After sharing their delicious fruit with friends and family, they were inspired by the wows, oohs, and aahs they received. Their founder, Joan, (a mother of three, home cook, and backyard gardener) decided to expand and begin farming dates. They use traditional farming and harvesting methods and pack each box by hand! 

Rancho Dates.jpeg
IL Truffelino

Founded in 1990, Somerdale now exports to over 50 countries around the world, supplying over 250 kinds of cheese. Somerdale represents some of the highest quality cheese producers in Great Britain and their range of products include traditional Cheddars, blue cheeses, flavored cheeses, and traditional, hand-made artisan cheeses. Somerdale is the leading exporter of British cheese to the USA with shipments going into New York every week.

A classic English cheddar with the complex nutty, woody flavors of black summer truffle. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians and those gluten-intolerant.

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