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Concord Market Wins Exceptional Independents Award 2023

"'Independents are the backbone of our industry,'" said Stephanie Reid the president of Shelby Publishing, creators of The Griffin Report of the Northeast, the Exceptional Independents Award, and many other publications.

We couldn't agree more.

“Independents are a vital part of their communities and lead the way in caring for their customers. Our Exceptional Independents Awards shine a light on these businesses that continue to help feed our communities," continues Reid.

We are honored to receive this award and recognition for participating in our community, and the community at large. We wouldn't be able to give back and support others without the support we have received from our surrounding community of friends, foodies, and patrons of what we do. Thank you!

Source: “Shelby Publishing Celebrates Northeast EIA Winners.” The Shelby Report, 31 Mar. 23AD,

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